How to Plan Your Next Trip


Planning Your Vacation

Trip planning can be an overwhelming task. Knowing where to begin is daunting for those who have never gone on a trip before. When you have the bits and pieces of an overall trip, it is difficult to know how to put them all together. Here is a guide to help you pull together your next excursion.

Steps to Putting Together Your Next Trip

Decide on a Destination
The greatest part of planning a trip is deciding where to go. Picking a destination solidifies your commitment. For instance, people tend to talk about traveling Europe, which is vague and hard idea to plan. When they talk about going to London then the idea becomes easier to implement.
Set a Length of Time
Once you have a destination in mind then choose how long you will be going for. Think in terms of the least of time you want to spend and the longest time.
Research Cost
The reason you want to pick an undetermined amount of time is because you will not know how much it will cost. Look into how much a flight, hotel stay, and other amenities will cost over a period of days. Play around with the times in which you will visit, some months are cheaper than others to travel. If standard hotels are breaking your budget, look into hostels or Airbnb.
Do not forget to include food, souvenirs, and other extras when researching cost.
Save Money
Once you have the costs figured out, it is time to save your money if you have not already done so. Cutting out extras such as buying coffee and dining out can save you more than you might think.
Book Your Flight and Accommodations
Booking months in advance can save you quite a bit of money. Especially when it comes to airfare. Shoot for at least two months in advance when booking your flight and hotel.
Write Out an Itinerary and Pack
Your days do not have to be planned out to the exact minute but a rough outline of how you will spend your day will ensure you see the sites.
Look into what kind of clothing you will need for your trip and pack accordingly.

Boston Airport Limo

If this is your first major trip, why not get to the airport in style by hiring a limo? Boston residents can rent our fine fleet to get them to and from the airport. To book your car, contact us at toll-free at 1-844-LIMO-617

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2016 Saint Patrick’s Day Events in Boston


Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston

Short of visiting Ireland, there is hardly a better place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than Boston, Massachusetts. Every year the city is host to a myriad of events that make the day extra special. With the first signs of spring making their appearance, Boston is particularly nice to visit in March. Here is a guide to the must-see events happening in the city.
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2016- For fun for the whole family is to be had at Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It takes place in South Boston and starts at the Broadway T station on the Red Line. This year it will take place on Sunday, March 20th at 1 pm. The entire event lasts about 3 hours.
Pub Crawl- There is an assortment of bars to choose from in Boston. For those visiting the city or only want to visit the best of the best, there are several bar crawls happening in the area. Find what works best for your schedule and have a great time. Do not forget to book your ride for safe driving.
Take in a Game- TD Garden comes alive every time the Celtics play. Cheer on the home team all week long. There are home games happening from March 2nd to the 23rd. Be sure you wear your Celtic jersey or green. You have never seen fans quite like Celtic fans.
Or if you prefer the ice to a basketball court, TD Garden is also home to the Boston Bruins. Winners of 6 Stanley Cups championships, they are sure to put on a great game. Come into the city anytime between March 1st to the 12th to see them crush it on the ice.
Go to a Concert- Every year Boston’s Celtic punk band, the Dropkick Murphys, play at their favorite venue, the House of Blues. Every year their shows sell out completely. Do not miss this iconic band in their hometown. It will be an experience that you will never forget.
Do not forget to book your accommodations ahead of time. This includes transportation to get you around the city with ease. To book your limo or private car from iBoston Limo by calling 1-844-LIMO-617.

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Planning a Unique Valentine’s Day Excursion


Celebrating Love

There are a few occasions in which you are expected to go all out, Valentine’s Day is one of those events. Instead of choosing the standard date that includes flowers, chocolates, and dinner then opt for a one-of-a-kind date that will show your partner how much you appreciate them. We can honestly say, the effort you put in will go over big. Here are a few ideas to WOW your significant other.

Unique Valentine’s Day Plan

Day of Relaxation– For couples who work hard, or just want a day of being pampered, plan a spa day. Reserve a couple’s massage at your local spa and book other spa amenities to completely spoil your date. They will greatly appreciate a day where they do not have to worry about anything other than their own enjoyment.
Picnic in the Park– Whether you and your date decide that facing a crowded restaurant is not worth it or you forgot to make reservations (Don’t worry, we won’t tell), there is a better alternative. Opt for a picnic at Boston’s Public Garden. It will make for a quaint little date. Simple find a blanket and fill a basket with your partner’s favorite food.
Relive Old Memories– At a loss as for where to go? Head back to all of the places that made a significant impact on your relationship. Have dinner at the restaurant where you had your first dinner date or set-up a private showing of the first movie you saw together. Remembering the little details about your relationship will go over quite well with your date.
Partake in Some Spontaneity– Truth or Dare may be considered an adolescent game but it can be quite fun for adults. Come up with five different ideas apiece to do throughout the night. Even if you do not get to complete them, the attempt will be enough to make the night a memorable one.

Boston Limo Service

Boston couples should not have to travel in just a regular car on this special day. Reserve a limo to take you and your date around town, after all, those special little touches are the ones that make the evening. For more information about our fleet of limos, look to our website. To book your night, contact us toll-free at 1-844-LIMO-617.

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New Year’s Eve Events in Boston


Celebrate the New Year Right

2015 is almost over and that means the New Year’s Eve parties are just around the corner. If you are not interested in attending the same old party then you are in luck as Boston is host to a myriad of events. Whether you are looking for a place you can dance the night away or something a little more unique, we have a guide to the city’s best events.

New Year’s Events in Boston

If you are a lover of pubs and are looking to spend the night drinking great beer while dancing then Lansdowne Pub is the place for you. There will be a great DJ, champagne toast, and balloon drop to make the night extra special. Get your tickets here.

There are several black-tie events happening in Boston if you are inclined to dress to the nines. Starting with the Timeless NYE 2016 Boston where you can experience old Hollywood mixed with James Bond at this fabulous event. Many local publications will be there along with a DJ who will be spinning Pop, House, Top 40s and Hip-Hop. Tickets are going fast so order them here.

If you want to travel back further in time, why not land in the roaring ‘20s at Gatsby’s Mansion? All flappers and dapper gents are invited to this speakeasy party to celebrate like it is 1929. Music will be played by Mr. Sisko during this glamourous event. Tickets are available here.

For the group looking to have a delicious dinner then look to Bastille Kitchen. There will be a special dinner upstairs and afterwards you can head downstairs. There you will find a fun setting where you can sip champagne and bid a fond farewell to the year 2015. Make your reservations here before they are all gone.

Boston Limo Service

Spending the time to get ready only to head out in the same old car seems like a bit of a letdown. So can taking a Uber. Instead, go full on glam by hiring a limo for the evening. iBoston Limo offers affordable car service for your evening on the town. It is the perfect match to your look for the evening. Reserve your limo today by contacting us at 1-844-LIMO-617.

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Traveling for the Holidays


Going Away for the Holidays

Any holiday traveler knows that the months of November to December are some of the worst months to travel. It is hard to avoid it when the prospect of seeing old family members is so appealing. How do you make it through the journey without stressing? Here are a few tips that can aid you during this frantic season.

How to Travel Stress- Free during the Holidays

Start off your traveling by planning ahead. Choose the time you will have off for traveling and what your flight schedule will look like. This way you have an accurate idea of how much time you will need to request from work and inform your family or friends when you will be arriving to town and when you will be leaving.

Make a list of everything you will need on your trip. Check the weather of where you will be staying so that you can pack appropriate clothing. You do not want to land in the middle of a snowstorm without a heavy coat and gloves. Do not forget to pack your passports, IDs, tickets, medications, and other essentials with your bag. If you are unsure of what you can take on a plane, call the airport to double-check or look them up on the airport website. If you have any gifts to take, send them on ahead of you through mail.

On the day of your departure, be sure to eat before you head to the airport. You will feel better eating something homemade than sampling the fast food offered at the airport. Plus it will save you more money, which is essential during the holidays.

Rather than go for a stylish outfit you can barely move in, opt for clothing that is comfortable. Not only will you be spending hours on a plane but will have to wait around in the airport as well. Jeans and soft material clothing are perfect traveling clothes.

Travel in Style

Another way to relieve the holiday traveling stress is by hiring a service to take you to and from the airport. If you are going to hire a car, you should do so in style with a limo. At iBoston Limo we guarantee you will arrive on time, every time. For additional information, peruse our site.

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Celebrate Homecoming in Style

homecoming limo

Homecoming Season

October is the month Homecoming season kicks off for high school students. That means plenty of big football games and more importantly, the Homecoming dance. Between finding a date to planning an outfit, the entire Homecoming experience is a whirlwind of planning and emotions. Don’t fall prey to the average Homecoming date, it is one of the biggest nights of the high school year. So why not fo it in style? Here is what you need to know to have an amazing night.

Planning an Impressive Homecoming Night

Normally, the guys are the ones who ask out the girls to homecoming but ladies can ask if they feel inclined. Depending on the status of their relationship, which can vary as friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, the roles in your date vary.
An official date or going as a couple means the guy will be responsible for purchasing the tickets and your outfits tend to be coordinated. Be sure that ticket purchases are made well-before the dance occurs as they tend to sell out.
Going as friends means that you both hold equal parts in planning the evening. If you are going as just friends or decide to split the tickets, make sure you give your date your half of the money beforehand. Girls should let their dates know the color of their dress so they can plan their outfit accordingly.
Or you can go with the theme of the dance to plan your outfits to choose your own style of dress to create a more unique look. Why follow the crowd when you can express your individuality.
Even if you are going as friends or as an official date, the guy should ask their date if they want a corsage. Or you can opt for a simple bouquet of flowers for that special touch. Depending on whether or not dinner is provided at the dance, make reservations at a restaurant for you and your date. It does not have to be an extremely fancy place but a nice dinner adds a special touch to the evening.

Reliable Limo Service in Boston

Sure, you can head out to the dance is your own car but where is the fun in that? Renting a limo will make you and your date feel glamourous. It is also a fantastic way to get your entire group to hang out before the dance as well. Boston students can rent their limo from iBoston Limo. We guarantee to get you to the dance on time.

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Making a Big Impression

guy in suit

Turn Heads Whenever Possible

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and they’re right. Here in Boston, MA we see a number of special occasions and parties happening. Throughout all the seasons, there is always something to celebrate. Businesses gather year round for corporate events and get-togethers.

Use a Limo to Impress Your Colleagues or Guests

If there is one way to make a statement, It’s by showing up in a limousine. iBoston Limo has the best selection of luxury limousines at a great price. Show up in style and impress everyone from your date to the valet attendant. Our chauffeurs are top of the line and always courteous, well dressed and professional. For more information on our fleet or services, please call us at 1-844-LIMO-617

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